One-on-one exercise training

Helping you to meet your fitness goals

Exercise is a lifestyle that everyone can benefit from. But we know that not everyone knows how to get there. The gym is often a very intimidating place to start out, with loads of equipment to figure out, and too many people who could potentially be watching you embarrass yourself.

Or maybe you’ve just reached that plateau point and need help in breaking through to achieving your goals. We can definitely help you do that!

Get in touch to book your assessment, we will help you figure out the best trainer to help you meet your goals and your schedule, and let’s get you on that path to greatness!

Sessions are predominantly Calisthenics focused, keeping your skills transferable to an exercise setting away from a formal gym. Not only will you have the one-on-one guidance to get you fitter and stronger, but you will also learn how to take charge of your own fitness, equipping you to take charge of your fitness for life.

So what are your goals? Are you planning on crushing a PB on your next marathon? Just need to get strong enough for that bucket-list hike you’ve been planning for ages? Or chasing down the elusive muscle up? Let us know, and together lets smash those goals.